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System using kdb+ 3.1 set a record for NBBO performance and was at least 2x faster in 14 of the 17 response-time benchmarks than an identical system using kdb+ 2.8.

Engineering for Big Workloads and Fast Workloads - NY, Chicago, and London
First STAC-A2 results on 2-socket and 4-socket Intel Xeon (Sandy Bridge) systems and Intel Xeon Phi system.
Intel DC SSD S3700 exhibits significant speedup in read-intensive benchmarks and data throughput benchmarks compared to previous generation of SSD drives.

Without loss: captured 10Gbps on one port, sustained aggregate 1Gbps while handling 48 concurrent queries, tolerated line-rate bursts >1GB per port across multiple ports.

New records for mean latency (response time) in 15 of 17 benchmarks. Some of them 4x to 8x better than the previous records.

Fastest mean latency (response time) in the NBBO and Write benchmarks to date. Of systems using kdb+ 2.8, best performance in 5 of 17 benchmarks.


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