STAC-N1 with Metamako MetaConnect 16

Mean per-hop latency was undetectable at 100K msg/sec and only 4 nanoseconds at 600K msg/sec

7 April 2014 - New York

STAC has released STAC-N1™ results for the MetaConnect 16, a 16-port layer 1 switch from Metamako, using UDP over 10Gbps Ethernet. The mean per-hop latency of the switch was undetectable at a rate of 100,000 messages per second and was only 4 nanoseconds at a rate of 600,000 messages per second.

STAC-N1 measures the latency of network I/O under a simulated market data workload at various message rates. To isolate the switch latency in these tests, which send messages in round trips between servers, we compared the results of a setup using MetaConnect 16 switches to those of a setup with the same servers connected by the same cable segments linked by LC-LC couplers and no switches. The difference in latencies could be attributed to the MetaConnect 16. In the first setup, because the latency of the switch was so low, 48 connections were daisy chained across three switches (resulting in 24 switch hops), and any latency differences between the systems were divided by 24.

Qualified members of the STAC Benchmark Council can access the reports here:

System using MetaConnect 16 switches

System with no switch

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