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STAC® provides technology research and testing tools based on standards developed by the STAC Benchmark™ Council,
a group that includes leading financial firms and other "algorithmic enterprises" as well as key technology vendors.

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2-socket Power8-based stack sets multiple records

Leading-edge performance for this amount of CPU cores and server memory on an Intel architecture

Initial price-performance comparisons of ten different EC2 instance types.

Fastest kdb+ system in 7 of the 17 response-time benchmarks

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Fall 2014 STAC Summits

Dynamic STAC Summits took place in London (Oct 30), Chicago (Nov 4), and New York (Nov 13)

Topics included new approaches to realtime analytics, technology learnings from other latency-sensitive industries, new approaches to compute-intensive workloads, tips for developing and deploying parallel applications, advances in low-latency networking, and new approaches to financial time series data and data for regulatory reporting.


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Some people learn their word-of-the-day from calendars and web sites; I am lucky enough to interact with financial services technologists who bring their own colorful language. As an example, the response I got from one when I asked about SQL-on-Hadoop: chimera.

Our recent research on “big data” use cases uncovered many large financial services firms using Hadoop and other technologies to build “multi-tenant” analytics platforms—that is, shared environments meant to support multiple independent applications. In some cases, these platforms are being built in advance of demand, trying to preempt individual businesses from deploying

It's true. STAC has officially joined the 90's. ... Why start blogging now, you ask?

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Big Data

Use cases, new technologies, benchmarks, and more.

Ultra-fast networking

New entrants stir things up while incumbent vendors enhance their products

Computational Finance

Accelerating analytics, parallelizing code, getting more calculations per watt...

Tick Data & Backtesting

New hardware and software, debates over parallel file systems, and much more

PCIe Flash

New products, changing economics, new interfaces...