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STAC® improves technology discovery and assessment in the finance industry through dialog and research guided by
the STAC Benchmark Council™, a group of leading financial firms and technology vendors.

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Emerald Rapids improves on Sapphire Rapids’ throughput, speed, and efficiency.

Pure Storage pits a FlashBlade solution against competitive on-prem and cloud solutions

Groq provides unaudited STAC-ML results on sliding windows.

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Spring STAC Summits - 2024

In-person STAC Summits are open for registration:

STAC Summits bring together CTOs and other industry leaders responsible for solution architecture, infrastructure engineering, application development, machine learning/deep learning engineering, artificial intelligence, data engineering, and operational intelligence to discuss important technical challenges in trading, investment, and risk management that involve fast data, big data, big compute, fast compute, or operational intelligence.

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Recent Blogs

A witty remark reveals some of the business dynamics around generative AI in financial institutions today (and something new for technologists to optimize).

After 16 years as the Securities Technology Analysis Center, we have become the Strategic Technology Analysis Center. But a new name does not mean a new identity.

The financial technology community has one responsibility in the COVID-19 crisis that only it can fulfill.

Hot Topics

Artificial Intelligence

Using neural and non-neural techniques to automate prediction and correlation

Public and private cloud

Research and dialog into cloud services and cloud frameworks

Quant finance (big data/big compute)

Making both compute- and data-intensive analytics faster and more cost effective

Ultra-fast networking

Smaller and smaller latencies tend to matter more and more

Time Sync & Event Capture

Complying--and proving you comply--with new regulations in the EU and US.

Storage & memory revolution

A "Cambrian explosion" of new architectures...