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STAC® provides technology research and testing tools based on standards developed by the STAC Benchmark™ Council,
a group that includes leading financial firms and other "algorithmic enterprises" as well as key technology vendors.

Latest News

Skylake-based servers set multiple records in STAC-M3 Shasta benchmarks

32.7x the throughput of a larger Hadoop streaming cluster.

Spark throughput was highest when managed by IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark.

Highest throughput to date for a system with a single CPU, GPU, or other co-processor

Solution breaks more than half the records in both baseline and scale benchmarks

Unaudited benchmark results for a combined compute/storage architecture

Featured Events

Spring 2017 STAC Summits

Another successful round of STAC Summits has concluded. These events in three cities focused on Deep Learning; time sync for regulations and for measuring ultra-low latency environments; architectures for strategy backtesting; realities of containers and cloud with high-performance workloads; speeding up risk simulations and making them less expensive; leveraging innovations to overcome I/O bottlenecks; low-latency FPGA solutions; and much more.

To see the agendas, slides and video from the events, click on the appropriate link below:


Recent Blogs

It was great to see packed houses in London, Chicago, and New York at the STAC Summits this past May and June (in fact, there was 15% higher attendance by user firms than 2015!). For those who couldn’t make it, I thought I’d share a few photos.

Focusing RTS 25 compliance exclusively on clock sync is like preparing your child for an entrance exam by simply ensuring she has sharp pencils. Necessary? Yes. Sufficient? Hardly.

Last week, ESMA said its MiFID II rules may take an extra year to implement. Steven Maijoor, ESMA's chair, said that "building of some complex IT systems can only really take off when the final details are firmly set in the [regulations]." I don't know which part of the 552-page regs he's referring to, but based on just two little sections called RTS 6 and RTS 25, I can see what he means.

Hot Topics

Time Sync & Event Capture

Complying--and proving you comply--with new regulations in the EU and US.

Big Data

Use cases, new technologies, benchmarks, and more.

Ultra-fast networking

New entrants stir things up while incumbent vendors enhance their products

Computational Finance

Accelerating analytics, parallelizing code, getting more calculations per watt...

Tick Data & Backtesting

New hardware and software, debates over parallel file systems, and much more

PCIe Flash

New products, changing economics, new interfaces...