STAC Testing Tools

A STAC Test Harness™ is software that enables the execution of STAC Benchmarks. A STAC Pack™ is software that enables a given STAC Test Harness to conduct tests of a specific product (depending on the benchmark, this might be a particular database, a particular processor, etc.). Each STAC Test Harness embodies the industry’s best practices in four areas: workload generation, scenario configuration, measurement, and analysis & reporting. 

The code that makes up STAC Test Harnesses and STAC Packs is contributed by STAC and members of the STAC Benchmark Council. Other members of the Council can use this software to run STAC Benchmarks in the privacy of their own labs. This provides an insightful, standardized picture of performance that is capable of exact comparison with published test results. These tools can also be used to perform customized tests rather than the standard benchmarks (e.g., testing boundary conditions, exceptions, sensitivity, etc.).

For more background on STAC Test Harnesses and STAC Packs, please see the FAQ.

Machine Learning

Inference (STAC-ML)
STAC-ML Markets (Inference) Test Harness
STAC-ML Markets (Inference) Reference Implementation (ONNX & TensorFlow)
STAC-ML Pack for CUDA and cuDNN
STAC-ML Pack for GroqWare

Fast Workloads

Time sync (STAC-TS)
STAC-TS Test Harness

Tick-to-trade (STAC-T1)
STAC-T1 Test Harness

Network I/O (STAC-N1, -T0)
STAC-N Test Harness
STAC-N Binding for Sockets
STAC-N Binding for RDMA
STAC-N Binding for RDS
STAC-N1 Pack for Lightfleet
STAC-T0 Test Harness

Feed handlers (STAC-M1)
STAC-M1 Test Harness

Data distribution (STAC-M2)
STAC-M2 Test Harness
STAC-M2 Advanced Test Harness
STAC-M2 Pack for Thomson Reuters UPA
STAC-M2 Pack for Thompson Reuters RFA

Big Workloads

Risk computation (STAC-A2)
STAC-A2 Test Harness
STAC-A2 Pack for Julia
STAC-A2 Pack for Intel Composer XE
STAC-A2 Pack for CUDA
STAC-A2 Pack for Mathematica
STAC-A2 Pack for C – Baseline
STAC-A2 Pack for IBM Power
STAC-A2 Pack for NEC Vector Engine
STAC-A2 Pack for AMD Xilinx Vitis

Backtesting (STAC-A3)
STAC-A3 Test Harness
STAC-A3 Pack for Spark
STAC-A3 Pack for Python with RAPIDS
STAC-A3 Pack for Intel

Tick analytics (STAC-M3)
STAC-M3 Test Harness
STAC-M3 Pack for kdb+
STAC-M3 Pack for shakti
STAC-M3 Pack for eXtremeDB Financial Edition