"If you thought the low-latency race couldn’t go any lower, think again."

"To move the industry forward, STAC is proposing the first AI benchmarks for finance concerning real-time inferencing on market data as one of its initiatives."

Nabicht will "expand the organization's benchmark offerings and grow the organization's membership".

Debiche says: "You're trying to understand aspects of the markets, lower your execution costs, improve returns...and find a technology that allows you do that faster or at greater scale, or achieve a more sophisticated answer."

“One option for firms seeking clarity is to turn to technology testing and benchmarking body STAC Research.”

"[FPGA]...was the focus of discussion...during a conference last week for technology officers in Hong Kong organized by STAC”

"'Backtesting' … is important for financial traders because [algorithms] perform around 90% of all public trades…”

"'Lenovo worked with Intel and KX to unveil a new record-breaking STAC-M3 benchmark results...”

"There are two major themes within the Council when it comes to machine learning: where it can be applied, and how to best support it with technology."

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