"[FPGA]...was the focus of discussion...during a conference last week for technology officers in Hong Kong organized by STAC”

"'Backtesting' … is important for financial traders because [algorithms] perform around 90% of all public trades…”

"'Lenovo worked with Intel and KX to unveil a new record-breaking STAC-M3 benchmark results...”

"There are two major themes within the Council when it comes to machine learning: where it can be applied, and how to best support it with technology."

"Metamako's devices logged a consistent speed of four nanoseconds regardless of traffic volume, according to tests by [STAC], whose members include some of the world's largest banks, proprietary traders and hedge funds."

"Proving that traceability of ... timestamps and providing that as acceptable evidence to regulators, is more involved than what many had thought."

Key industry discussion at the December 2015 STAC Summit in New York

"If you’ve been waiting for a formal evaluation of the IBM Power8 architecture on common financial workloads, then look no further."

"Sometimes you can throw hardware at a problem and speed up an application, and other times, if you delve into the software stack and make changes, that works. Sometimes, you can do both and come out even further ahead."

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