Vault Report: Virident FlashMAX II with STAC-M3 & kdb+

Unaudited baseline results of Virident PCIe-based SSD with Kx Systems kdb+ 3.1

26 February 2014 - New York

As part of an ongoing STAC-M3 Working Group initiative, STAC is inviting providers of solid state drives (SSD) to send their products to the STAC Lab for testing under a tick data analytics workload (STAC-M3) in a consistent hardware and software environment. The results reside in the confidential STAC Vault and are available to qualified members of the STAC Benchmark Council.

The most recent vendor to participate is Virident | HGST, who supplied us with 6 x 2.2TB FlashMAX II storage devices. These SSDs resided in the PCIe slots of the test server, an IBM x3750 M4 server with four 8-core Intel Xeon E5-4650 CPUs. The software was Kx Systems kdb+ 3.1. Unaudited results are available for the baseline STAC-M3 tests (Antuco suite).

Qualified members of the STAC Benchmark Council can access the report here.

Qualified subscribers may also request to inspect or run the STAC-M3 Pack for kdb+ 3.1 (the q and k code for the kdb+ implementation) here.

For more information about STAC-M3, please see

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