STAC-M2 Advanced Test Harness

The STAC-M2 Advanced Test Harness builds upon the STAC-M2 Benchmark specifications developed by the STAC Benchmark Council to provide a framework for automated, consistent, reproducible, and insightful testing of middleware stacks using market data workloads. The primary purpose of this package is to enable lights-out regression testing of performance and to provide additional ways to customize tests beyond what is possible with the standard STAC-M2 Test Harness.

The harness makes it possible either to run pre-packaged STAC-M2 Benchmark sequences or to run customized benchmarks that diverge from the standard sequences by varying parameters such as message size, number of test clients, number of misbehaving test clients, etc. In neither case should test results generated by this harness be used to compare to STAC-M2 Benchmark results published on the STAC web site. That is because the STAC-M2 Advanced Test Harness contains a more feature-rich version of the STAC-M2 Library which has not been certified by STAC as results-compatible with the STAC-M2 Library used for official benchmarks (the latter is under very strict change control, for obvious reasons). To compare your own system's performance to what you see in STAC Reports, please use the standard STAC-M2 Test Harness.

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