STAC-M2 Pack for Thomson Reuters UPA

STAC-M2 can be used to test any system capable of satisfying basic market data distribution requirements. A STAC Pack consists of the bindings, scripts, and information necessary to use STAC-M2 to test a given product and automatically generate standardized STAC-M2 reports.

The STAC-M2 Pack for Thomson Reuters UPA enables you to use STAC-M2 to test capacity and latency of your RMDS system. This STAC Pack supports OMM messaging. It requires an additional subscription and is updated (on demand) when Thomson Reuters UPA, RHEL, or STAC-M2 change. This STAC Pack is only available to licensed users of RMDS.

Note - This STAC Pack requires version 1.0.4 or higher of the STAC-M2 Test Harness.

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