STAC-M2 Test Harness

This page provides the most current version of the STAC-M2 Test Harness and STAC-M2 Training Videos

The Test Harness provides the documentation, tools and files required to develop, run, analyze and produce reports for performance benchmarks based on the STAC-M2 Benchmark Specification

The Training Videos provide background information about the STAC-M2 benchmark, an overview of a standard report, details about system setup and run-time requirements, a step-by-step description of a STAC-M2 test, a demo, descriptions of the standard test sequences, tuning and analysis tips and more.  The videos are formatted in MP4 and we recommend launching the videos in a browser using the "STAC-M2 Overview- SessionX.html" in order to use the index to navigate different sections of the video.


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