Always strategic

Sharp-eyed observers may have noticed that STAC recently underwent a name change. After 16 years as the Securities Technology Analysis Center, we have become the Strategic Technology Analysis Center. But a new name does not mean a new identity.

From day one, STAC has created research and dialog on technology challenges with high strategic importance to businesses. From low latency computing and communication, we expanded into time sync, event capture, time series analytics, backtesting, streaming analytics, HPC, and machine learning.

And we continue expanding to meet your strategic needs. For example, you’ve told us that AI is increasingly strategic in many business areas. That's why STAC working groups are building out additional AI benchmarks and why on Nov 30, we're hosting AI STAC, the first event focused solely on AI infrastructure stacks in finance. 

If there are other strategic challenges you'd like to see addressed, don't hesitate to reach out. We are still STAC.

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STAC and members of the STAC community post blogs from time to time on issues related to technology selection, development, engineering, and operations in financial services.

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