STAC Summit, 30 May 2024, Chicago

STAC Summits

STAC Summits bring together CTOs and other industry leaders responsible for solution architecture, infrastructure engineering, application development, machine learning/deep learning engineering, data engineering, and operational intelligence to discuss important technical challenges in trading and investment.

The Metropolitan Club
Willis Tower
233 South Wacker Drive
66th Floor



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STAC update: AIAI   

Jack will provide a preliminary look into STAC-AI™, an LLM benchmark suite guided by the priorities of financial firms, which measures a full solution stack -- from the model to the metal

Two birds, one (special) stone: Unifying FinHPC and GenAIFast Data   AI   

Financial firms rely upon HPC architectures to develop and backtest trading strategies, calibrate models, and calculate risk. Fast time to market requires fast compute. So does GenAI, which many firms see as a powerful new way to inform strategies or risk management from unstructured data. In this talk, Prabhu will argue that a single architecture can satisfy both financial HPC and GenAI—as long as it has certain key properties like seamless CPU-GPU integration. As evidence, Prabhu will present use cases from financial firms and ISVs like Murex and KX, explaining how they benefit from massive compute, unified memory, and low-latency interconnects for heterogeneous compute.

Innovation RoundupBig Data   Big Compute    AI   
  "Next-Gen AI: Transforming Financial Services with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Solutions"
   Sanjay Basu, Senior Director, Cloud Engineering – AI/ML, Oracle
  "PowerScale: World’s First Ethernet Storage Certified on NVIDIA SuperPOD"
   Bob Stephens, Sr. Manager, Systems Engineering, Dell Technologies
STAC update: Risk computingBig Data   Big Compute   

Jack will present the latest Council activities and benchmark results involving derivatives risk computation.

STAC update: Tick analyticsBig Data   Big Compute   

Jack will present the latest Council activities and benchmark results for deep time-series analytics.

Innovation RoundupBig Data   AI   
  "From Fragmentation to Aggregation: Fearlessly Centralizing Data"
   Robert Glanzman, Global Strategic Alliances Principal Architect, Financial Services, Pure Storage
  "Modern Data Architectures: Preparing Your Infrastructure Strategy for GenAI"
   Wade Zylke, Regional Sales Director, Hammerspace
  "Open Source High Availability and Software Defined Storage for Kubernetes and Virtualization Platforms"
   Ryan Ronnander, Solutions Architect, LINBIT
  "Revolutionize Data Storage with CSD 3000"
   Mat Young, Solution Architect, ScaleFlux
  "Innovation at Oracle Cloud for HPC, Grid Computing, and Beyond"
   Attila Narin, Vice President of Cloud Engineering, Oracle
  "DDN selected by leading quantitative trading firm for HPC"
   Brian Evans, Director, Americas Pre-Sales, DDN
Surfing the gravity wells: Risk & trading analytics in an AI- and hyperscaler-dominated tech universeBig Data    Big Compute   

Banks and hedge funds require more compute, storage, and networking to meet increasing demands for trading and risk analytics. Data volumes continue to balloon, regulations require more simulations, and new market opportunities require new analytics. However, generative AI and cloud have famously become "gravity wells" for the IT industry, driving its product roadmaps. On the one hand, this may increase the options available for financial HPC and data-intensive workloads, driving down long-term costs. On the other hand, AI and hyperscaler architectures can differ in important ways from those of today's trading and risk analytics, which presents challenges. To what extent can the finance industry benefit from the new products coming forth? How much longevity is left in existing approaches? Are there opportunities (or even imperatives) for trading and investment firms to rethink how they design their applications and infrastructure?

STAC Update - Fast Data & ComputeFast Data   Fast Compute   

Jack will discuss the latest Council activities and test results relating to 1) low-latency LSTM inference on market data and 2) network stacks in the cloud and on the ground.

Innovation RoundupBig Data   Fast Compute    AI   
  "How fast can my AI model run?"
   Liz Corrigan, Chief Product Officer,
  "Adaptive Technology Stack: Aeron, Artio, Agrona and SBE."
   Nate Bradac, Aeron Performance Engineer, Adaptive
  "Next Generation Private Cloud through EVPN"
   Scott Feagans, Senior Vice President - Sales Engineering, Options Technology
  "Why YOU shouldn’t overclock"
   James Lupton, CTO, Blackcore Technologies
  "Order Entry Analytics on a Tap Aggregator"
   Kevin Formby, VP Finance and Capital Markets, Keysight
  "Diagnosing Network Weirdness: he said, she said, layer1 capture said."
   Ciaran Kennedy, Sales, FMAD Engineering
Big distances, tiny tolerances: Making time sync precise over a wide areaFast Data   

Building a time-synchronization network spanning multiple data centers within a metropolitan area is a formidable challenge, particularly when the requirements include fault tolerance, nanosecond accuracy, and traceability to UTC(NIST). Quincy Data undertook this challenge, using White Rabbit in Chicago and New Jersey to synchronize across the major trading venues and using GNSS to connect these metros into a single clock domain. Come to hear Mike explain some of the problems Quincy encountered in design and implementation and how they overcame them.

Innovation RoundupFast Data   
  "Unleashing Speed: The Pinnacle of Performance in High-Frequency Trading with Hybrid FPGA and Software Solutions"
   Tom Coombs, Vice President of Sales, Orthogone
  "Managing the Options Data Deluge with FPGAs"
   Cliff Maddox, Director of Business Development, NovaSparks
  "The Fast Lane to Connectivity: Unparalleled performance and minimal latency with LDA's cutting-edge product line."
   Vahan Sardaryan, Co-Founder and CEO, LDA Technologies
Staying cool at speed: Adding 25G to HFT acceleratorsFast Data   

Supporting 25G Ethernet can reduce the latency of FPGA or ASIC algorithms--but only if it is implemented well. Signal integrity, power, and thermal challenges exist all the way from the 25G IP, through the package, and across the PCB. In this talk, Ken will explore these challenges and present methods to analyze and resolve them so that you can achieve cool speed with 25G.

Innovation RoundupFast Data   
  "High-Performance Trading with FPGA Accelerators, Low Latency NICs, and server-class processors"
   Michael McGuirk, Sr Manager, Data Center Marketing, AMD
  "Beyond the Tick: AMD & Exegy's Clockless Breakthrough in FPGA Tick-to-trade Latency"
   Laurent de Barry, Senior Director, Global Head of Solutions Consulting, Exegy
  "Latest Cool Products from Shengli Hardware Lab"
   Patrick Egan, Head of Business Development, Shengli Technologies
Threading the needle: Navigating constraints to compete in real timeFast Data   

To stay in the game, trading firms must manage ever-growing data rates and keep their architectures competitive, whether it’s making software faster or hardware smarter. But mounting requirements for regulation, compliance, and cyber are straining resources. Meanwhile, finding well-trained talent is only getting harder. What are the best strategies to navigate these constraints? What are the best buy/hold/sell strategies for technologies across the spectrum, from FPGA and ASIC to private clouds? Where does it make sense to buy third-party logic today? Our panel of experts will weigh in.


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STAC events bring together CTOs and other industry leaders responsible for solution architecture, infrastructure engineering, application development, machine learning/deep learning engineering, data engineering, and operational intelligence to discuss important technical challenges in finance.

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