Vendor Sales & Marketing

If you're responsible for marketing or selling high-technology products into financial services, you're looking for ways to reach prospective customers who are truly interested in your products and are able to influence purchase decisions. And you want to cut through the hype and FUD with clear, unshakable messages about your products' capabilities. STAC can help.

Community engagement

The STAC community includes thousands of individuals from financial firms (and potential technology partners) who determine the direction of strategic technology in financial services. These individuals have chosen to join the STAC community out of interest in the sort of problems that your products address. STAC provides several ways to get the attention of these highly qualified individuals.

Semi-annual STAC Summits in New York, London, and Chicago are the premier events in the finance industry dedicated to challenges and solutions related to fast data, big data, and big compute. These meetings are excellent opportunities for vendors to increase visibility and network with the individuals responsible for architecture, application development, engineering, and operational intelligence in financial services.

In addition, STAC working groups and special interest groups meet throughout the year to develop benchmark standards, discuss new technologies, and establish research agendas. Participating in these groups gives vendors another way to interact with users and gauge trends in demand.

"Gold standard" collateral

STAC can also test your products and distribute the results to the STAC community in the form of STAC Reports. This testing is never a requirement to participate in the Council. However, a STAC Report using official STAC Benchmarks is the ultimate collateral in terms of impact. STAC Benchmarks are standards developed by multiple customers, which means they correspond to real business needs. They yield results that can be compared apples-to-apples with those of other products. And customers trust the rigor and lack of bias in the STAC brand.

STAC testing can be at no charge to you, with results flowing into the confidential STAC Vault. Or you can fund a STAC Audit in order to make the results public. Either way provides you with a proof point unlike anything else in the market.

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