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STAC® provides technology research and testing tools based on standards developed by the STAC Benchmark™ Council,
a group that includes leading financial firms and other "algorithmic enterprises" as well as key technology vendors.

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Worst-case absolute accuracy  of -0.5 +/5.5 nanoseconds for timestamps from any port on a single device

Unaudited benchmark results for a combined compute/storage architecture

Max Actionable Latency of 98 nanoseconds with 68-byte frames at 1 Gbps ingress

Lowest max latency ever reported at both the base rate and very high rates

2.89x the speed of previous generation x86 solution in warm runs of baseline Greeks

Highest throughput and efficiency for any publicly reported system to date

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Fall 2017 STAC Summits

The Fall 2017 STAC Summits are now open for registration:

STAC Summits bring innovative technologies face-to-face with important engineering challenges in finance like alpha generation, risk management, trade execution, regulatory compliance (including MiFID 2 time sync), and other business imperatives involving fast data, big data, and big compute.


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The STAC-TS Working Group has poured a lot of effort into developing standards and software for demonstrating timestamp accuracy to the satisfaction of European regulators concerned with RTS 25 of MiFID 2. Much of that effort has concerned software-application timestamps. App timestamping is central to many firm's plans but is one of the most misunderstood issues with RTS 25.

It was great to see packed houses in London, Chicago, and New York at the STAC Summits this past May and June (in fact, there was 15% higher attendance by user firms than 2015!). For those who couldn’t make it, I thought I’d share a few photos.

Focusing RTS 25 compliance exclusively on clock sync is like preparing your child for an entrance exam by simply ensuring she has sharp pencils. Necessary? Yes. Sufficient? Hardly.

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Ultra-fast networking

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