STAC Network I/O SIG

The speed with which applications in the trading process (algorithmic "black boxes", matching engines, smart order routers, etc.) can get information from and to the network is a critical--sometimes decisive--contributor to their overall latency. 

The STAC Network I/O Special Interest Group is a group of end-user organizations and vendors with an interest in the performance of host network stacks, including hardware and software. This group is currently responsible for two benchmark suites:

  • The STAC-N1 benchmark suite measures the performance of network stacks under a simulated market data environment using a convenient, software-only test harness.  Click here for an overview.
  • The proposed STAC-T0 benchmark suite measures network stacks in simulated tick-to-trade scenarios using hardware-based replay and timestamping.  Click here for an overview.

Reports using these benchmarks are listed below. To get involved with this SIG, click the "Enable Me" button to the right.

Learning and running this benchmark suite

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