Mean Latency and Jitter of Metamako MetaApp 32 and Layer-1 Switch

Type: Audited

Specs: STAC-N1™ Benchmarks Beta 1

The summary report below compares results for the same technology stack when using the MetaApp 32 device (in a round trip involving aggregation via FPGA and return distribution via layer 1) and when using no switching technology at all. Also below is a CSV file containing results for both SUTs at several messages sizes (the summary report only analyzes the standard 264-byte size).

The links above will take you to the STAC Report and STAC Configuration Disclosure for each configuration.

Tested by: STAC

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The speed with which applications in the trading process (algorithmic "black boxes", matching engines, smart order routers, etc.) can get information from and to the network is a critical--sometimes decisive--contributor to their overall latency.