STAC-M1 Test Harness

This page provides the most current version of the STAC-M1 Tools and documentation packages.

The STAC-M1 Test Harness package provides a framework for consistent, reproducible testing of low-latency feed-handling solutions against the STAC-M1 v2 Benchmark Specifications and the STAC-M1 v2 Datafeed Addendum for Aggregated TVITCH 10Gbps. Users integrate the test harness with their direct exchange feed solution, a STAC-M1 Consumer application, a server with an Endace DAG card for playing back TVITCH data and a latency monitoring solution capable of recording and correlating observations. See the STAC-M1 Users Manual for full setup details.

Contact STAC at for access to the TVITCH playback data. The TVITCH playback file is 20GB and is supplied on portable hard drive.

The documentation package provides all the documentation available for end-users and component integrators including: the STAC-M1 v2 Tools User Manual, STAC-M1 v2 Consumer Developers Guide, the STAC-M1 v2 Integration Guide for monitor integration and the STAC-M1 v2 Datafeed Addendum for TVITCH4.1 10G Aggregated Top-5-of-Book.

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