STAC Summit, 14 Nov 2017, London

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America Square Conference Center
17 Crosswall, London EC3N 2LB



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Big Compute Big Compute

Fast Compute Fast Compute

Big Data Big Data

Fast Data Fast Data


STAC Exchange Fast DataBig Data   Fast Compute   Big Compute   

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STAC Update: Big DataBig Data   

Peter will present a cornucopia of benchmark results involving big data workloads such as tick analytics and backtesting.

What Can Decade 2 of the Big Data Era Learn from Decade 1?Big Data   

Capital markets have been dealing with big data problems for a quarter century. But about a decade ago, Silicon Valley got involved with big data in a big way, which changed the face of technology. The instigator of it all was arguably Google, who kicked off a rush to “move compute to data” with their paper on MapReduce, which led to the creation of Hadoop. At several points since then, Google have inspired new thinking on how to handle different kinds of big data problems, disclosing design patterns that they had mastered internally and making services based on those designs available for use by enterprises. Robert spends his time at Google helping financial firms figure out better ways to handle their big data. In this talk, he’ll reflect on what the industry has learned—or should have learned—over the last decade about things that have worked, things that haven’t, and things that have changed. His point will be to argue for specific approaches to certain kinds of problems, with particular attention to workloads important to financial firms.

Innovation Roundup - Round 1 Big Data
  "Levyx: Backtesting in the Cloud"
    Matt Meinel, Financial Services Business Development, Levyx
  "QuasarDB Time Series: transparent historical market data management"
    Edouard Alligand, CEO, quasardb
  "X-IO Axellio, Updates from The Edge"
    Gavin McLaughlin, Vice President, Strategy & Communication, X-IO Technologies


STAC Update: Big ComputeBig Compute   

Peter will present a raft of benchmark results for big-compute workloads based on derivatives pricing.

High performance in the public or private cloudBig ComputeBig Data   

Capital markets firms today face increasing demands for high performance--whether it's to search for alpha, improve execution, support new risk-management needs, improve surveillance, or any number of other challenges. Many of these firms are turning to public and private clouds to help. The massive scaling and innovative pricing of public cloud platforms can substantially accelerate time to market and reduce costs. Private cloud frameworks promise greater business agility, as well as cost savings through higher utilization. But despite the potential benefits, the industry is clearly still in the early stages of "cloudification". What is working well today, and where does the industry still face obstacles to realizing the full potential of public or private cloud? What will it take to surmount those obstacles? We'll ask a cross-functional panel of experts.

Here come the time cops: How regulators and the regulated are looking at MiFID 2 rolloutFast Data

Peter will provide his perspective on the preparedness of firms for MiFID2 time compliance, as well as how regulatory enforcement is looking at this point. He will also provide updates on STAC-TS research on time synchronization, timestamping, and event capture, as well as software tools to demonstrate compliance with time-sync regulations.

Innovation Roundup - Round 2 Fast Data
  "From Circumstantial Evidence To Hard Facts - Regulatory Compliance for MiFID II and GDPR"
    Emiliano Rodríguez, Senior Director, Business Development, Napatech
  "Monitoring at High Speed: Accurate Data=Better Decisions"
    Alessandro Lucchese, Senior Solutions Engineer, cPacket
  “Monitoring Time at the Application Layer”
    Steve Newcombe, Account Manager, Chronos Technology
  "Monitoring of Time Sensitive Networks"
    John Fischer, CTO, Spectracom


STAC Update: Fast DataFast Data   

Peter will discuss the latest research and Council activities related to low-latency/high-throughput realtime workloads.

Innovation Roundup - Round 3 Fast Data
  “Low Latency Networking Update”
    Asaf Wachtel, VP Business Development, Mellanox
  "Solarflare: Faster and in-sync"
    Steve Pope, CTO, Solarflare Communications
  "Power, performance and predictability improvements from Exablaze"
    Dr Matthew P. Grosvenor, Vice President Technology, Exablaze


The State of Play in FPGAFast Data   Fast Compute   

As the latency race continues to compress the time delta between successful and unsuccessful trades, FPGA-based solutions continue to play an important role in the architecture of many trading firms. In this discussion involving panelists with different angles on FPGA, we'll get perspectives on a number of questions, such as: What is the state of the art for FPGA hardware, and what trajectory can we see for future products? Do the hardware suppliers share the same product priorities as trading firms, or is there a widening gap? What is changing and what is staying the same in how firms are deploying FPGA-based solutions? How are leading firms handling the productivity challenge of FPGA DevOps? Come hear our panelists' answers and ask some questions of your own.





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