Speaker Biographies – Feature Sessions - London

Dave Carson, Head of EMEA Sales Engineering, SR Labs.
Dave joined SR Labs from Citi, where as Head of EMEA Market Access, he managed the development of the new infrastructure and the strategic order-entry platform for EMEA Equities and Derivatives markets. Prior to Citi, Dave held technical development and management positions at J.P. Morgan and Barclays across Program Trading and other electronic desks for market data, FIX, OMS/EMS development and support. First at Wombat Software, and then later as part of NYSE Technologies, he worked with the full range of financial firms, from proprietary trading firms to bulge bracket banks and hedge funds, on the deployment of low-latency infrastructure, messaging, and ticker-plants for multiple exchanges and MTFs.

Dexter Casey, Director, Security Architects Ltd.
Dexter has 15 years of security experience, primarily in the capital markets. He is a deeply experienced incident and crisis manager, having managed Morgan Stanley's first Computer Emergency Response Team, which included leading the containment of the Aurora attack by China. He also built and led the European Security team for Morgan Stanley. For the past 5 years Dexter has been working as the Interim Head of Security for various firms on contract basis.

Dan Chester, Director, Cloud Strategic Engagements, Seagate.
Worldwide Cloud Solutions leader for the Seagate Cloud Systems & Solutions (CSS) division, which was founded in 2014. Building on a 20-year career in technology-led business development, Dan is focused delivering leading-edge solutions for large enterprises and telecom firms with web-scale data storage and analytics requirements.

Jim Cownie, Principal Engineer, Intel.
Jim is an Intel principal engineer who was until recently architect for the OpenMP* runtime. He has worked on parallel computing since 1979 when he started at Inmos working on Occam and the Transputer. He served on the HPF and MPI committees, designing the MPI profiling interface as chair of the MPI-1 profiling sub-committee. Since joining Intel ten years ago, amongst other things, he has worked on the Pin profiling infrastructure, Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX) and OpenMP. He lives in Bristol, and would rather be skiing.

Terry Keene, CEO, Integration Systems, LLC.
Terry provides IT managers in buyside and sellside organizations with strategic perspectives on IT directions, technology analysis, and deployment alternatives for key initiatives. Terry has provided consulting services to over 1,000 corporations and organizations globally in many industries. His broad industry experience, along with his charismatic presence, has made him one of the most influential forces in the open systems market today. He has published numerous articles and been quoted in financial industry publications including HFT Review, Automated Trader, Financial Times and FOW - "Damn Those HFTs". Terry holds an MS in Electrical Engineering, with a major in computer engineering and data communications from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

Peter Lankford, Founder & Director, Securities Technology Analysis Center.
Peter leads STAC®, which provides hands-on technology research and testing tools to the finance industry and facilitates the STAC Benchmark Council™, a group of leading financial institutions and vendors that engages in technical dialog and specifies standard ways to assess technologies used in finance. Prior to STAC, Peter was SVP of the $240M market data technology business at Reuters. Prior to Reuters, Peter held management positions at Citibank, First Chicago Corp., and operating-system maker IGC. Peter has an MBA, Masters in International Relations, and Bachelors in Chemistry from the University of Chicago.

Ron Miller, Technical Marketing Director, Solarflare.
Ron joins Solarflare with over 20 years of security experience. His prior experience includes serving as the Chief Security Scientist, Director of Engineering for Extreme Networks, where he led the technical direction of the company for all its security products, while managing the Emerging Products Division engineering group. Previously, Ron founded Mirage Networks, where he earned an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist Award. Ron has also held a number of management and operations roles for companies including StoredIQ and M5 Systems.

Oleg Rasskazov, Vice President, Quantitative Research, JP Morgan Chase.
For the last eight years, Oleg has worked in Quantitative Research at JP Morgan, focusing on HPC for Equities, Commodities and FX. He has a PhD in Applied Math, focused on computer-assisted proofs.

Malte Schwarzkopf, PHD Candidate, University of Cambridge.
Malte is currently finishing up his PhD at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. His research focuses on systems infrastructure for "big data" environments, and he has worked on projects at all levels of the stack, from networking (QJump) to operating systems (DIOS), cluster scheduling and orchestration (Firmament) and workflow management (Musketeer). Malte completed a research internship in Google's cluster management group, during which he worked on the Omega cluster scheduler. After graduating, he will join the PDOS group at MIT.

Avik Sengupta, Director & Co-Founder , Algocircle.
Avik has developed applications for investment banks in the areas of pricing, risk and trading for over a decade. He is currently a Co-Founder at AlgoCircle, a firm engaged in building machine learning and NLP solutions for the financial sector. Two years ago he discovered Julia, and hasn't looked back since. He is a contributor to the core language and the maintainer of many Julia packages.

Hong Wang, Director, Quantitative Analytics, Barclays.
Hong is a director at the Quantitative Analytics Group in Barclays Investment Bank. He joined Barclays Capital in March 2008 following a career producing software for the pharmaceutical and chemistry industries. Hong holds a PhD in Theoretical and Computation Chemistry from the University of Manchester, England.