Employees of Vendor Firms and Professional Services Firms can attend a STAC event if:

1) the firm is a member (see the list) and the firm has an available badge;
2) the firm is not a member but is speaking or exhibiting at the event (go back to the page from which you just clicked the blue button), and the firm has an available badge.

If neither applies, please contact us to discuss membership and sponsorship options.

One or two people at each firm control who gets the registration code to obtain an entry badge. To find out who they are and hopefully persuade them to give you a code, do one of these things:

- If your firm is a member, visit your user dashboard (make sure you're logged in) and find the Primary or Secondary Representative shown in the lower right corner.
- If your firm is not a member, contact us for the name of the person controlling the badges for your firm.

Either way, if your firm has run out of badges, feel free to contact us for additional options.

Once you have a code, please follow the instructions below to register.

Whatever you do, don’t try to use the green button. That is reserved for financial organizations (end user firms). If you register using the green button, your registration will be cancelled.

Once you have a code:
  • Click on the Click here to Register button below.
  • Please follow the instructions below to register.
  • If you have additional questions see the FAQ at the end of this page.

Eventbrite - STAC Summit, 30 May 2024, Chicago

  • On the EventBrite registration page, click the orange button that says Reserve a spot that appears on the Event listing.

  • Registration Page

  • Next, enter the access code into the text field and click the Apply button.

  • Access Code Box

  • If you are using an access code that is valid, the Conference Attendee - Sponsor/Vendor ticket will appear. Select the number of registrations you are completing and click Register.

  • Quantity Checkout

  • Enter the registration information for each attendee, and when you have completed all the information, you will be able to click the Register Button. (It will not be clickable until all required information is entered). If you selected too many registrations, you can back out and start over.

  • Registration Information

    Do I have to use my corporate email address to register?
    Yes, sponsor registrations will be rejected if the email address does not match the firm's domain.
    I accidentally registered under the End User Ticket.
    Go ahead and register again under the Sponsor/Vendor ticket, and just let us know when it is complete. We will cancel your registration under the End User ticket, and you will receive a confirmation that it has been cancelled.
    I found out I cannot go. What do I do?

    Cancel your ticket through your EventBrite account. The code will be renewed and can be provided to another person from your firm. Please let your Primary Delegate or person coordinating STAC Event Registration Codes know so they can reallocate the code within your organization. If you do not know who to contact, visit your user dashboard.

    I'm the primary STAC contact, and I can't find the codes for my company. What should I do?

    To view your codes, please log into your user account on the website and go to your user dashboard at https://stacresearch.com/user. There is a section titled "Special info from STAC" where your codes are listed. You should see a *single* registration code for your firm. There is a limited number of uses for each firm. (If your firm sponsors at a level that entitles it to more attendees, we'll increase the registrations per code.) If you still have trouble, please email us at events@stacresearch.com.

    EventBrite is telling me that my code has already been used.

    If you know that this code has not been used already, please contact us at events@STACresearch.com and we will help solve the problem.