STAC Report: kdb+ 3.1 with Scalable Informatics Ceph Storage Cloud

First public STAC-M3 results on a distributed file system.

28 October 2013 - New York

STAC has released a STAC Report covering audited STAC-M3 Benchmarks of Kx Systems kdb+ 3.1 hosted on a Scalable Informatics Ceph Storage Cloud v1.0 with two 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2687W ("Sandy Bridge") CPUs and 48 direct-attached 3TB 7.2K drives and 12 direct-attached 120GB SATA SSDs. This is the first public report of STAC-M3 on a distributed filesystem.

Qualified members of the STAC Benchmark Council can access the report here.

Qualified subscribers may also request to inspect or run the STAC-M3 Pack for kdb+ 3.1 (the q and k code for the kdb+ implementation) here.

For more information about STAC-M3, please see

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