STAC Network I/O Testing Program: Results Data (csv format)

The attached data file provides the results data from the STAC Network I/O Testing Program from 2012-2014. As test results for additional SUTs are released, a CSV file with results for all message sizes and message rates for the SUT will be attached to the page containing the report.

There are many ways to slice the dataset, so we are making the statistics available to subscribers as a CSV file. You can use this information to make your own observations and inferences. Hopefully, your analysis will be able to initiate new discussion in the STAC Network IO SIG.

Please remember that the information in this file is Confidential Information protected by a non-disclosure agreement between your organization and STAC.

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The speed with which applications in the trading process (algorithmic "black boxes", matching engines, smart order routers, etc.) can get information from and to the network is a critical--sometimes decisive--contributor to their overall latency.