RTI DDS 4.5d, Latency configuration, CentOS 5.5, Core i7 Extreme, Juniper EX4200 1GigE

Type: Unaudited

Specs: STAC-M2 v1.0

Stack under test:

- RTI Data Distribution Service v4.5d
- Low Latency configuration
- CentOS 5.5
- Central Computers Tower Server
- Intel Core i7 Extreme 980X CPU @ 3.33GHz
- Juniper Networks EX4200 1GbE switch

Tested by: Real-Time Innovations

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STAC-M2 is for testing solutions such as messaging middleware under market data distribution workloads. Such solutions take a number of normalized market data sources (such as feed handlers or internal publishing applications) and distribute the data to multiple applications under various scenarios.