Performance of DRW Technologies NetRaptor Packet Capture Appliance

DRW Technologies recently asked STAC® to test the performance of their NetRaptor Packet Capture Appliance, a new product on the packet-capture scene. With some input from a major bank, STAC developed a few basic test specifications that could be applied to any capture appliance.

The tests measured the ability of NetRaptor to capture steady-state exchange data traffic, tolerate traffic bursts, and capture while responding to queries. We measured the maximum per-port and aggregate ingress rates, as well as the maximum sustained burst, for various numbers of ports.

The hardware in the testbed consisted of the NetRaptor v2.0 Network Traffic Monitor, a playback server with 2 Endace 9.2 cards, a Gigamon TAP-251 10GbE 50/50 optical tap and a Cisco 4948 1GbE switch for query traffic.

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