IBM® XL C/C++ on IBM Power® System S824 Server using RHEL 7 with IBM Power8™ processors

Type: Audited

Specs: STAC-A2 Benchmarks (beta 2)

Stack under test:

  • IBM XL C/C++ for Linux
  • IBM Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library for Linux on POWER (ESSL)
  • IBM Mathematical Acceleration Subsystem libraries (MASS)
  • IBM XL Fortran for Linux
  • IBM SMP runtime package
  • IBM Power System S824 server
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Big-Endian
  • 2 x 12-core POWER8 processor cards @ 3.52GHz
  • 1TB DRAM

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The STAC-A2 Benchmark suite is the industry standard for testing technology stacks used for compute-intensive analytic workloads involved in pricing and risk management.