STAC Lab Partners

Customers and vendors who want to test systems that use the latest hardware often face logistical hurdles such as a lack of available data center space, insufficient gear, and delays in ordering and provisioning new equipment. STAC Lab Partners are a valuable resource for firms that need a faster way to test new products against well-understood, relevant benchmarks. STAC Lab Partners support the STAC Benchmark process by providing resources for user firms, the Partner's solution partners, and STAC to design and optimize solutions, then test them using STAC Test Harnesses. Some STAC Lab Partners provide space and power in their own labs for use of STAC Test Harnesses. Others furnish products for use in STAC’s lab in suburban Chicago. Participation as a STAC Lab Partner encourages the industry to leverage the Partner's products for high-performance solutions while accelerating the discovery process for user firms. The following firms are currently STAC Lab Partners:
If you would like to explore how to leverage the assistance of STAC Lab Partners for your own investigations, please contact us.